Money Counting Machine for Banknotes

Buy Banknote Counting Machine- CMICO’s CCM-868 is a floor-standing vacuum banknote counter designed for cash transactions in banks and currency exchange facilities. Information the significance of the counter gadget for the monetary putting, we are devoted to developing and manufacturing the key components in Taiwan to offer our clients with a splendid, dependable gadget.  The vital gain of our system is a unique spindle that may be connected to banknotes with one-of-a-kind lengths to improve the steadiness for the duration of the counting method.  It significantly enhances the monetary employees’ performance of their work.

Specification: Buy Banknote Counting Machine

Important capabilities: [CHECK] [BATCH] [FREE] [ADD] [AUTO-MANUAL] [CLEAR]


Speed: a hundred sheets / four seconds (trendy)

One hundred sheets / 2.6 seconds (custom designed)

100 sheets / 4-5 adjustable paces set (choice)

Capacity: 200 sheets

Display: twin lines inexperienced digits. Accumulation show five digits / Batch display 3 digits.

Energy supply: 110V/220V+-10`Hz/50Hz

Power intake: 360W+-10%

Measurement: 355(W)*330(D)*840(H) mm

Weight: 38 kgs

1. Automated begin, forestall and clean

2. UV (ultraviolet) detection: can discover banknotes with suspected UV homes, because faux notes often use white or bleached

Paper so as to replicate UV light and make the surface of word very vibrant. real banknotes can soak up UV light.

3. Batch function: lets in you to preset a selected quantity of payments that the system will matter as much as.

4. Upload characteristic: allows cumulative counting of all bills, up to a most of 99999 payments

5. Appropriate for maximum currencies inside the world


Precise layout of vacuum pump with effective suction offers the capability of counting as much as a hundred bills in 2.6 seconds, (for preferred in a hundred sheets in four seconds).

With assisting to count number payments with distinctive lengths, it is very appropriate for counting currencies of denominations from many nations.

UV detection can perceive a huge variety of banknotes. Once verifying unrecognized or suspicious capabilities, the counter system will prevent counting and dispenses the capacity counterfeit banknotes within the hopper for elimination. Buy Banknote Counting Machine | Buy Banknote Counting Machine Online | Buy Banknote Counting Machine for Sale

Equipped with a dustproof case and three-layer filter system prevents dust and paper fibers from being sucked into the gadget indoors to may also purpose damaged.


All of the key components of the counter system are evolved and assembled in CMICO, Taiwan.

The ground-status bundled banknote counter with four wheels presents high flexibility and security and without problems replaces the position with none effort.

Big dual green LED panel shows the 5-digit variety for accumulation end result and three-digit range batching end result.

Equipped with a high-touchy membrane panel allows for easy operation and integrated multiple features (check, BATCH, free, upload, car-guide, clear mode).

Rapid Accuracy and Heavy obligation are essential characters.

Particular design of vacuum structure made the cash is counted perfectly.

Twin traces green show is tremendous vivid and clear for operator and display.

High sensitive membrane panel is cutting-edge and pleasant.

Ground type package deal banknote counter equip with wheels.

Batch counting/ loose counting modes:

Fundamental capabilities: [CHECK] [BATCH] [FREE] [ADD] [AUTO-MANUAL] [CLEAR]

Velocity: one hundred sheets / four seconds (widespread)

Velocity: 100 sheets / 4-five adjustable velocity set (alternative)

Potential: two hundred sheets

 Accumulation display 5 digits / Batch display 3 digits.

Measurement: 355(W)*330(D)*840(H) mm

Weight: 38 KG

Annual renovation: Annual protection settlement is to be had for an extra charge. this may cowl periodic maintenance of the unit on website for a period of one year


The vacuum pump with effective suction permits the counter to procedure up to one hundred payments in 2.8 seconds (100 sheets in four secs as the standard).

The machine helps mixed-denomination counting and multi-forex counting.

UV detection can perceive a huge variety of defects and mistakes. Whilst there’s an unrecognized or irregular feature, the counter stops counting and dispenses the potential counterfeit banknotes inside the hopper for removal.

The foreign money counter equipped with a 3-layer filter out machine prevents dust and paper fibers from entering the interior and causing damage to the device.


All the key additives of the counter are designed, synthetic, and assembled via CMICO.

The ground-status bundled banknote counter with 4 wheels presents excessive flexibility, safety, and simplicity of positioning.

LED show and manipulate panel to render ease of operation and there are a couple of integrated functions such as take a look at, BATCH, loose, add, car-manual, clear, and so forth.

The counter supports the relationship to an outside display.

Strong point of the device:

A money or banknote counting device turned into mostly designed for appropriately count big wide variety of notes. but additional capabilities such as sorting with the price of notes, checking for damaged or fake notes and coin counting has made this tool more powerful & efficient in tellers.  Present day automatic teller machines can be mechanical or electronic, but these are ordinarily utilized in ATM & vending machines.

Purchase one on your enterprise:

Celebrity Tech has the nice rate for counting and observe binding machine for the marketplace of Chattagram, Rampur, Dhaka, Khulna & Sylhet. Global forex cash counting device with UV & MG counterfeit, Kingston and clean Banker are a number of the variations you may discover to meet your commercial enterprise requirements. Those taka counting portable gadgets with money checking facility can boom pace and accuracy and reduce human error. You could experience buying online and feature the shipping to your preferred organization.

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